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Pennsylvania Outdoor Life Video of Rubline Scents Collection Facility

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Rubline Scents FAQ

Why should I use Rubline Scents? 

  • All Natural, Preservative free products
  • 100% Fresh Guaranteed
  • Collected and bottled on as as needed basis to ensure freshness

Where can I get Rubline Scents products? 

  • Click in our Current Store Tab to see available stores
  • Contact us via our contact tab

What separates Rubline Scents from the competition? 

  • Freshness
  • Results tested, Fresh Scrape All Season Blend (Lures deer all year long)
  • Doe in Estrus collected at the Peak of the Estrus cycle
  • We Are "The Deer Pee That Brings The Buck To You"

How to use our products:

Good afternoon whitetail hunters, my name is Jason Rhinehart I am a Pro staffer with Rubline scents products. Today I am going to explain how to get the maximum effectiveness out of our scents. I like to call it the Lethal Combination, because it is the Combination of our FRESH SCRAPE and TRIPLE ESTRUS

So let start with our FRESH SCRAPE, it's Rubline scents all season blend of non Estrus doe urine and 2.5 year old young buck urine.

This scent is used before season starts to the end of the season. It's a great scouting tool to use with trail camera on mock or natural scrapes. You then can take inventory of what deer you have in your area. I also use it to pattern deer movement in the area I hunt,by using mock scrapes with drippers over them.

Now let's talk about Rubline scents TRIPLE ESTRUS, this is the hottest doe Estrus that I know of on the market. We only collect TRIPLE ESTRUS at the peak of the doe estrogen cycle. And when used in combination with Rubline scents FRESH SCRAPE it will pull those dominant buck out of hiding.

The reason is because the we formulated FRESH SCRAPE and TRIPLE ESTRUS to be use together. So imagine you are that dominant buck and your nose tell you that there is a young buck with a hot doe in your area. What would you do? Would you stay hidden or come out to investigate who is messing with your doe? And remember rattling and using a grunt call just helps to paint that picture in that dominant buck mind. That's why I call it the LETHAL COMBINATION!

Tips for laying our scents

1 use a drag with fresh scrape and Estrus, a little Triple Estrus goes a long way.

2 cover scent, spray boot with Fresh scrape, also use spray bottle of Fresh scape to check wind directions. Just make sure not to spray it in your face.

3 drippers and wicks, dripper can be use in mock scrapes around your set. I will put two drippers over my mock scrapes 1 with fresh scrape and the other with
Triple Estrus. Wicks can be use also just place the to the left and right of your set 15 to 20 yards. Just remember Fresh scrape will attract both buck and doe, I have never I my experience had a deer spoke on our fresh scrape. Our Estrus max don't over do it because I have spooked doe with it.

4 my favorite is using spray bottle, I will carry 1 bottle of FRESH SCAPE and 1 bottle of Triple Estrus. Fresh scrape I will use to freshen up drag line,wicks,my boots and scraps and use to check wind directions.

Triple Estrus I will use to do the same but NOT check wind directions. And remember a little Triple Estrus goes a long way.

Just remember during the rut it's all about using Rubline scent Fresh scrape and Triple Estrus together.